sounds to arouse your imagination

What you will get here...

It's plain simple: soundsets for camel audio's outstanding Alchemy software-synthesizer.

... and what you won't get

Well... another imitation of an existing instrument or real-life sound for example - others do that damn well already. What we do is capture a mood or idea by taking some snippets from our recorded arsenal or some of Alchemy's waveforms add some synthetic spice, a little reason and a spot of chaos.

And we hope the result inspires you as much as it brings a smile to your face, right from the start.


As 'legato project' we are producing, composing and/or editing music mainly for theatre use, but also for movie, game or simply mind-movies.

Getting in touch with the Alchemy Player for the first time in 2011, we quickly got to like it.
Becoming a fan of the concept and the ease of use with the full version starting to go deeper and produce patches was unavoidable.

Pretty much to explore still...!


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Usually this happens immediately, but sometimes there may be a delay. Therefore grant us 24 hours for reacting. Thank you!

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Roaring Jungle Fizz


making full use of Alchemy's capabilities, this soundset mainly focuses on rhythmic cinematic and ambient patches - so expect more hits, arps and loops than pads - completely based on sample material we recorded for diverse shows.

to be released in 2013


development on hold

FEEDBACK - »what people say...«

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free preview patches

pdf description

electronic DRIZZLE


"friction & fraction, the rough & unexpected, melodic & rhythmic - that's what the electronic DRIZZLE is about. A percussive note gently shifting to a padish hiss. Made up of technically cold waveforms it may end up in a light summer shower."

Having in mind trance, ambient, electronica, multimedia- and gamedesign and of course soundtrack support when producing the soundset it shall also be a vibrant source of inspiration – so everything else we leave up to your creativity: Let it guide you beyond the limits of imagination!


Sound-Bank for Camel Audio Alchemy 1.50 and above (full version required), featuring 30 patches with 8 variations each via the remix-pad section and 8 controllers and the x/y-pads assigned. (240 presets)

Loops 3x
Rhythmic 10x
Sequenced 3x
Soundscapes 5x
Synth 9x

(though sometimes not distinctly fileable)


»what people say...«.

»... it's really inventive with lots of interesting sounds and loads of variation among the remix pads. Well done! ... «


free preview patches

pdf description






• 6,00 GBP • 


The soundsets are delivered at your given PayPal email-adress, coming as zipped CamelSound files. Simply extract and open them and they will be installed by camel audio's soundbank-installer. No keyfile is needed, so select none of them in the installation process.

We try to process your orders "ASAP", so a response is to expect within an hour usually. However sometimes it may take longer, but if it takes more than 24 hours, something went wrong.

At the moment we only accept PayPal for payments.

We try to keep pricing in an affordable range. So please DON'T distribute our work! (see the included license file) That is also, why we don't plan to start any discounts in the near future.

Javascript must be allowed for this site and ordering to work properly. We recommend Firefox, a Chromium based browser like Dragon or Webkit like Safari. Issues abt IE are known, we are working on it.